• Chairman's Message

    How time flies. As an international subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), China Three Gorges International Corporation (CTGI) was established in 2011. It has occupied a space for development in the international market which is full of fierce competition, made remarkable achievements and created many miracles. Now, it has grown into a large scale international company with the assets reaching  8.5 billion USD and an installation capacity of about 15GW.

    As the carrier to implement the "Going Global" strategy, it is entrusted with the mission of building CTG into a world-leading clean energy group. What has been achieved is only the starting point for its future development and we’re still facing numerous challenges ahead.

    Today, we have entered a new and uncharted territory with the global business expanding at an unseen speed. From here on, we will walk a path which needs to be paved by ourselves. This is also a path that we will walk with every one of the company. While anticipating much more adversity along the way, we will continue to courageously rise up to the challenge without backing away from fear of failure.

    To achieve the goals, we must always remain sober-minded, constantly build up our capacity and improve the development ability. Meanwhile, we should also constantly pursue innovation and never stop the pace of making progress. We will strive to make remarkable achievements in the international arena by forging ahead with courage and determination while integrating into the global market. To put it, we must always be ready to overcome any circumstances and face up to the changes ahead while adhering to the goals.

    I would very much appreciate the continued support given by friends from all walks of life home and abroad, and it’s thanks to the support that the company has enjoyed a broader space for further development. We are willing to join hands with all friends and strive for a better future.