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CTG Brasil releases fish on World Water Day
2019-03-28 CTG Brasil

Environmental protection is one of our pillars of sustainability. Therefore, we promote several actions with a view to achieve results in the short and long term. From March 13 to April 5, we released more than 1.3 million fish in the regions of the Ilha Solteira, Jupiá, Salto Grande, Capivara, Rosana, Canoas I, Palmeiras and Retiro HPPs to contribute to maintain biodiversity and fish stocks. 

Last week, in celebration of World Water Day (22), the releases were special. On March 20th, the action took place in Santa Clara d'Oeste, where 110 thousand fish of the species pacu-guaçu were released. On March 21st, the release took place in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, with 120 thousand fish of the species curimbatá released. CTG Brasil took advantage of the releases to take a special action on environmental education. More than 400 children participated in these two days' activities. Environmental education actions are a way of protecting the environment also in the long term, since children's awareness is essential for a more sustainable future.