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CTG Brasil conducts environmental education activities
2019-04-10 CTG Brasil

Environmental awareness-raising and education activities are essential parts of our efforts for a more sustainable future. In recent weeks, CTG Brasil conducted a special activity for high school students from the Ernesto Antonio Debastiani Professional Education Center, located in Abdon Batista of Santa Catarina state. The activities were carried out at the Rio Canoas State Park, a conservation unit that has the support of CTG Brasil and is located in the region of Abdon Batista and Campos Novos of Santa Catarina state, near the Garibaldi HPP. Students attended a water conservation lecture and took a walk along the park's trails, collecting water samples for analysis. In addition to receiving special activities like this, the park is also a leisure option and a place to have contact with nature for the community of the region, since it is formed by a rich biodiversity distributed over more than 4 thousand hectares.