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CTG Brasil sponsors “Music Talents” project
2019-04-23 CTG Brasil

CTG Brasil sponsors a series of education, culture and sports projects using the benefit of the Brazilian tax relief laws to strengthen the relationship with the communities around our reservoirs, thinking about promoting leisure and development. Music Talent is one of these projects. 

This year, 120 young people from Três Lagoas, where Jupiá HPP of CTG Brasil is located,  in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, will be trained for 10 months with practical and theoretical music classes. The aim is for these young people to have access to new knowledge and also a further training possibility. In addition to the young people participating in the project, the community also benefits from the group's musical performances throughout the year. Classes began in February. 

“The well-being of the people living near our HPPs are among our priorities. We seek to participate in the life of these communities in a positive way, taking culture, leisure, quality of life and development. We hope that all these young people to have a productive year and that the project can awaken even more interest in music and culture", explains Salete da Hora, director of Brand, Communication and Sustainability at CTG Brasil.