Kohala Hydropower Project,Pakistan
Investment Type : The project is being developed under the Power Policy 2002 on the basis of BOOT with an expected concession period of 30 years and construction period of 6.5 years.
Location : The project is located on the Jhelum River. Its powerhouse is 85km away from Islamabad.
Installed Capacity : 1,124MW (4x275MW for the main power station and 2x12MW for the ecological flow power station) with an average annual electricity output of 5,149GWh. The 1,124MW Kohala Hydropower Project has been listed as one of the Actively-Promoted Projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) along the Belt and Road Route. PPIB issued the Letter of Support (LOS) in December, 2015. Construction of the project will be commenced in 2017.

Aerial view of Kohala Hydropower Project