Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a globally recognized and defined concept and has moved from a perception depending on the philanthropy or charity of business owners to a core concept in business that reflects respect for the rule of law and going beyond compliance through taking environmental and social considerations into account in business operations. CSR incorporates corporate environmental responsibility which provides the basis for companies to contribute to and makes it an integral part of Green Development by adequately preventing and reducing environmental impacts of business activities.

    In CTGI, sustainability policies and actions are defined based on our long-term cooperation and operation vision, both in relation to the environment and to the socio-economic issues. In addition, it is acknowledged that business will be sustainable only if it generates value for all stakeholders. In this sense, the actions have been structured based on the balance among Environment, People and Community.

Operating in the countries and regions worldwide, in communities with unique cultural, social and economic features, we maintain lasting relationships with our stakeholders based on respect in order to contribute to the development of the people while adopting a localized initiative. Employees are the most valuable resource, essential to enable growth in the project-host countries. Therefore, we invest in the development and improvement of our team, providing proper means to welfare, health and safety for them, home and abroad.